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Bela Tamas Konya

Head of Conservation & Collection Care Department

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What is your education and/or training? 
Conservation and Collection Care professional, development and execution of the collection care strategy with a focus on contemporary art at the Ludwig Museum since 2008. Media art preservation in theory and practice is currently one of his PhD areas under the supervision of Miklós Peternák at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts Doctoral School. Graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts with a master’s degree in stone sculpture conservation in 2006. Started his career at the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and gained experience in conservation & preventive conservation of the Egyptian Art Collection. In 2008, started working at the Ludwig Museum, since then he has been responsible for collection care supervision, conservation of contemporary art objects for exhibitions and international shipping of artworks. DESCRIPTION: Development of a preventive conservation and collection care strategy. Conservation of art of objects for exhibition and international art shipping purposes. Development of condition and facility reports. Management of the collection store supervising logistics and database maintenance. Art loans management, courier attendance in art shipping worldwide. Preparation of art of objects for exhibitions, participation in exhibition development. Monitoring of the museum environment according to international standards. Coordination with Hungarian authorities, partner institutions and art shipping companies. Guided tours in English and Hungarian for sponsors and professional groups. Close cooperation with the technical, art handling and curatorial departments. Photography of art of objects for both database and inventory purposes.
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