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Share your research

We welcome you to share information about current or completed research via the INCCA website. To do so you will need to have an INCCA member account and to be signed up to the CoCARe Network group page.

Step 1 Join INCCA

Membership is free and is easily arranged online.  Read more about joining the network. INCCA members can add information to the website, but in order for it to appear on the CoCARe PhD and Postdoc group page you will need to sign up to the group as well.

Step 2 Sign up to the CoCARe Network

Once you have an active INCCA account and are logged in, you can sign up to the CoCARe Network by clicking on 'membership request' on the CoCARe Network group page.  The network coordinators will approve your request and once this is done you can start sharing!

Step 3 Create an 'Article' and attach it to the CoCARe Network

Create a webpage with information about your research by creating an 'Article'. Click on ADD in the main menu and then select 'add article'. On the left of the add article page you will see a number of tabs; Basic Information, Group, Attachments etc. To ensure article is accessible via the CoCARe Network group page make sure you select the CoCARe group under the tab 'Groups'.

To ensure consistency, please add information about your research in the following manner:

The title, including a date is important. Fill in the title field in the following manner:

PhD (or Postdoc)  research: Title of your PhD (or Postdoc)  (YEAR OF COMPLETION OR THE YEAR YOU EXPECT TO FINISH)

For example:

PhD research: The Artwork is Not Present - An investigation into the durational engagement with temporary artworks. (2015)

In the ‘Body’ Field use the following headings:

Name researcher:





Read more about adding information to the INCCA website.

Need help?

If you do not want to become an INCCA member, but would still like to let other researchers know what you are working on, please get in contact with the coordinators of CoCARe. Fill in the form in the attachment on the right with information about your research and the coordinators will  post information on your behalf.