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Interview about Jan Dibbets (artist), with restorer and assistant Andre van Oort

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This audio interview is connected to the oeuvre interview with Jan Dibbets (within the project of artist's interviews of the ICN / SBMK). Van Oort is working for about 30 years as assistant and restorer with Dibbets. Subjects: Photography and painting in combination; working processes; technical aspects of construction, like glueing, paper, quality of prints, the montage; the overpainting and – drawing of photographs; large formats; priming of canvas; backboards and framing; Photolabs and material shops; developments in Photography; camera's; Ateliers '63; etc. Van Oort describes the technical developments in constructions and technical combinations throughout the years in detail. Furthermore he was involved in reconstructions of (for example discoloured) artworks. He tells about the decisions Dibbets makes on themes of creation process, on conservation and archiving and gives some personal information about the artist. A few titles: Film Painting of a White Table Comet C Sonesta Construction 330 gr. Rubens Shortest Day (Series) Saenredam Eiffeltoren

Jan Dibbets
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Research file
- Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (SBMK) - Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN) Sanneke Stigter - Kröller-Müller Museum
André van Oort - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
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Friday, November 30, 2001
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Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE), Research Moveable Heritage Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (SBMK)
Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage/ICN, A. van Oort, S. Stigter
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Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage/ICN, Conservation Research Department
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ICN- Project Artist's Interviews 2001- A. van Oort
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