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Artist's Interview with Jan Dibbets

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Oeuvre interview. Location: Home, both studio of the artist in Amsterdam. Camera: Su Tomesen. Main subject: photography in combination with painting or drawing (both in material and as a concept). The artist is questioned about his working processes, the meaning of his work, the long research for certain effects (in perspective, light and colour), techniques, presentation/installation issues, the site specificness of certain artworks and how to re-install; ageing and discolouring. They question authorization, the selling of works and the contracts involved. Dibbets is working on archiving his oeuvre, he is thinking about which institute should conserve his negatives etc.; an 'Archive' also has been created as an artwork / installation. Dibbets gives several examples of the context in time / life when a specific work was created, to give a better understanding of the meaning. He states several times the fact how new the whole concept of treating photography as art was at the time; and how fascinated he is by this research. Technical questions and developments in cameras and in printing are of a concern. So are the problems of discolouring and conservation. The knowledge of the original colour is highly dependent on the memory of the artist himself. (The restorer Van Oort is specialized on assisting Dibbets with problems on conservation. Another interview within this project 'artist interviews' has been done with Van Oort about Dibbets.) Artworks discussed: - Window, 2003 - Halve Kubus, 1966 - Perspectiefcorrecties,1967-69 - Shortest day at the Van Abbemuseum, 1970, 1976 - Universe – A construction, 1971 - Comet Sea 3°-60°, 1973 - Kröller-Müller Saenredam, 1980-81 - Four Windows - Window

Jan Dibbets
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Artist's interview (video)
Hans de Herder - Dutch Photo Conservation Studio Jan van Adrichem - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
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Monday, February 10, 2003
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Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE), Research Moveable Heritage
Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage/ICN, Stichting Behoud Moderne Kunst SBMK, J. Dibbets
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Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage/ICN,
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ICN- Project Artist's Interviews 2003- Jan Dibbets
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