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Online course Restoration Theories and Methods from 1945 to the present day (April-June 2017)

Monday, April 24, 2017 - 12:00 to Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 12:00 | online
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Online Course: Restoration Theories and Methods from 1945 to the present day

24 April to 25 June 2017

by Prof. Dr. Schädler-Saub

This course is also available in a Spanish language version.

The course focuses on the history of restoration as explained through the different restoration theories and their practical application in Italy and elsewhere since the late 1940s. The course also deals with colour theory in order to better understand the practical application of retouch methods that will be introduced in great detail. Commentaries regarding the most important international charters on conservation and restoration will help in questioning the present view of restoration and to do justice to these texts in daily practice.

In the fourth module many examples of restoration practice illustrate the acceptance and the development of the presented Italian restoration theories in the German-speaking area.

Module 5 and 6 present the texts of major international charters for preservation / restoration. Comments and discussions of the author encourage to critical engagement with these texts, especially in view of their practical relevance.

This course motivates to reflect on the examples shown in the context of current restoration concepts!

The author is professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Faculty of Architecture, Engineering and Conservation in the subjcts History and Theory of Conservation, Art History. Prof. Dr. Schädler-Saub herself will coach the course through e-mail. Please direct your general and technical questions to the tutor of the course, Barbara Hentschel M.A. from the Hornemann Institute. After successful completion of the course, the Hornemann Institute will issue a certificate of qualification.

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