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Completed research

Latest update: 13 December 2016

2018 LA ENTREVISTA AL ARTISTA EMERGENTE COMO MODO DE CONSERVACIÓN PREVENTIVA Estudio aplicado a los proyectos Perspectives Art Inflammation and Me y Perspectives, Art Liver Diseases and Me Ruth del Fresno-Guillem

The Artwork is Not Present - An investigation into the durational engagement with temporary artworks

Sophie Kromholz
2016 Between concept and material. Working with conceptual art: a conservator’s testimony Sanneke Stigter

Divergent Practices of Media Art Preservation. Remembering and Forgetting in the Digital Culture

(Prácticas divergentes de preservación del arte de los medios. Recordar y olvidar en la cultura digital)

Vanina Yael Hofman
2016 An Investigation into the History of the Airbrush and the Impact of the Conservation Treatment of Airbrushed Canvas Paintings Mohamed Abdeldayem Ahmed Soltan

Dissemination of Film in the Visual Arts (1958-1980): From the artistic production to the institutional integration. The international framework and the Portuguese case

Andreia Magalhães 


Gold: Substance and Significance: Uses of Gold Material in Contemporary Artistic Practice (1953-2013) (Thesis Title) Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 

Diana Angoso de Guzmán 

Hans Hofmann's Last Lesson: A Study of the Artist's Materials During the Last Decade of His Career

Dawn V. Rogala

Harming works of art: the challenges of contemporary conceptions of the artwork 

Iris Kapelouzou

2010 "From Dreams and Visions and Things Not Known”: Technique and Process in David Smith’s Drawings Richard Mulholland