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SCHEIDEMANN, C. Men at Work: The Significance of the Material in the Collaboration Between Artist and Fabricator in the 1960s and 1970s, 1999

by Christian Scheidemann

How important is knowledge about the significance of the material used in the sculpture of our time? Since many presentations of modern art already include exhibition copies of the actual works, it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish between a manufactured original and a manufactured copy. Besides, to what extent is a piece of art still genuine after the ‘delegation’ of labour to an assistant? And finally: what kind of insight does a conservator need to be qualified to work on industrial materials used in art objects?

This article was originaly published in: Hummelen, IJ., Sillé, D., Modern Art: Who Cares?, Amsterdam: Foundation for the Conservation of Modern Art/ Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, 1999, p. 242-246.

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