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OBERMANN, A. Master thesis 'Win, Place or Show' - a 'retrospective' Documentation, 2009

by Arnaud Obermann
program “Conservation of New Media and Digital Information”
Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design
four months, finishing date: 05/08/2009
“Win, Place or Show” - a “retrospective” Documentation
time-based art, documentation, Stan Douglas
The preservation of media art – and especially installation art – is in need of a detailed documentation which must contain a specific concept of conservation or rather preservation issues regarding the technical elements – because it is them which are liable to the technological progress and change.
In this thesis the two-channel video installation „Win, Place or Show“ by the Canadian artist Stan Douglas is one example for the preservation of media art and its challenges – the intention of the present thesis is the „retrospective“ documentation of „Win, Place or Show“.
Besides the art-historical classification and the technological report, it includes the preservation concept and a recommendation guideline for those institutions which own the artwork or those which temporarily expose it. For the purpose of gaining almost entire information about the artwork „Win, Place or Show“, its editions and performances, the institutions, curators and technical managers and above all the artist himself were approached.
Hans D. Christ and Prof. Dr. Hans Dieter Huber
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