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GAMA: Gateway to Archives of Media Art

The interdisciplinary project GAMA: Gateway to Archives of Media Art was launched on 2007-11-01 by 19 participating organisations from Europe’s culture, art and technology sector, with the aim to establish a central online portal to different European media art collections for the interested public, for curators, artists, academics, researchers, and mediators: an endeavour supported by European Commission within the framework of the econtentplus programme with 1.2 million Euro.
Media art has become part of the global cultural development in live performances as well as on the Internet. It embraces all kinds of artworks using new media reflecting on the cultural, political, and aesthetical possibilities of these technologies. These art forms face special challenges in terms of visibility and exposure, dissemination and documentation, preservation and archiving as a result of the medium type and presentation form used.

GAMA will facilitate and ease the discovery, use and re-use of the European media art archive contents through multilingual and advanced retrieval and access capabilities, enhancing therefore the visibility, public presence and exploitation of media art content.

For more information on GAMA visit the project website via this link.