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Contemporary Art: Who Cares?

Research and practices in contemporary art conservation

International symposium for (up-and-coming) professionals, from diverse disciplines, who are connected to the conservation of modern and contemporary art. Organised by the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN), Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art in the Netherlands (SBMK) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Background - Modern Art: Who Cares? 1997

The 1997 symposium Modern Art: Who Cares? (MA:WC?) was one of the first international symposia to deal specifically with the problems of the conservation and restoration of modern art. The event was the culmination of a Dutch research project The Conservation of Modern Art (1995-97) and was meant to identify problems and to investigate possible solutions to these problems in order to develop methodology. Two years later in 1999, the results of the original research project as well as post-prints of the symposium were published in the book Modern Art: Who Cares? which is still considered a milestone for the profession. In addition, a direct result of discussions during MA: WC? was the formation of the International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (INCCA).

Contemporary Art: Who Cares? 2010

The overall theme of the 2010 symposium Contemporary Art: Who Cares? (CA:WC?) is the current standard in care and conservation of modern and contemporary art. More that ten years after the first proposals for a methodological approach for this new domain of conservation, a new profession has emerged with its own set of specialist areas, its own research projects and its own training programmes. International collaborations, where shared research is the norm, have resulted in the development of good practice (methodological approaches, instruments, conservation techniques) as well as new training programmes and spin-off research projects on a national level.

At CA:WC? participants will share, learn from and discuss the outcomes of recent research projects in contemporary art, with special attention to installation art. Following in the footsteps of Modern Art: Who Cares? much of the programme is based upon a previous research project; this time the European project Inside Installations (2004-2007). Through open discussion, interactive learning and networking sessions, participants will be contributing to the development of this profession.


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